Our Fees & Charges

Can I have a free consultation?

Yep. We give all new customers their first consultation free of charge.

Our fees and charges are very competitiveHow much does our support cost?

  • Our standard hourly rate is £40 ($60 USD)
  • This hourly charge is split into 10 blocks (of 6 minutes each)
  • Any additional fees such as buying image licenses (which you authorise) will be passed on at cost price

Keep control of what you’re spending

To avoid any unpleasant surprises we are happy to agree a spending cap on your projects. Alternatively, just ask for a fixed price as a part of your consultation – we’re pretty flexible.

Transparency is important to us. For this reason your bill will always be itemised and show how the total was calculated.

Did you say fixed price?

Yep. We are happy to agree a fixed price in advance for most types of work. For example:

  • Create a complete new website for as little as £500 (depending on your requirements)
  • Fully check your existing website for errors, broken links and any malicious content
  • Set up a new Google Adwords campaign
  • Set up Google Plus & Google Analytics accounts
  • Upload and embed new videos or images
  • Add a slideshow or other animation to your website
  • Set up email marketing & custom mailing list

Whatever the task, please do request a quote using the contact form.

Invoice and billing

We issue itemised invoices at the beginning of each month and you will always get the chance to review yours before payment.

  • Any costs or fees such as buying templates or image licenses etc are passed on at cost
    • These are added to the monthly invoice and shown separately
  • Acceptable payment methods are
    • PayPal (direct transfer)
    • Credit card (via PayPal)
    • Bank transfer

Currency exchange rates

We appreciate that exchange rates fluctuate. Our preference is to agree a fixed dollar rate (typically $45 p/h) before starting any new project.

If you’d like to pay in any other currencies let us know and it can be discussed in your consultation.

Is this value for money?

Absolutely. By setting our charges at an affordable level we hope this will allow you to call for support whenever you need it – not just when you’re desperate. We want you to succeed, it ought to benefit both of us in the longer term if you do.

We may be an independent, but we’re certainly not short on ability. Years of experience have exposed us to most types of problems and we can now tap into a healthy bank of competencies. It’s our experience that enables us to complete the projects you commission quickly and efficiently.

Do you have questions?

If you need to know more or would like to discuss specific pricing, please do contact us using the form provided.

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A member of our team will contact you soon afterwards and be happy to have an informal chat about your requirements. We'll be able to confirm any details needed for your quote and if you have any questions we can answer those as well.

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