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We think our contact form is great. But we do appreciate that sometimes you may need to contact us using more traditional methods. If you do need to, please use one of the following options.


Our SKYPE_ID’s are:



Midfields Drive
Burgess Hill
RH15 8EN
United Kingdom

Based In the UK – Helping clients all over the World

Both our offices are located in the South of England, but thanks to email, Skype and our willingness to be flexible we’ve been able to help many small businesses all over Europe and even some as far away as California in the USA and Vancouver in Canada.

Head Office

Owner: Mr. Jim Biddle

Phone: 0144 871 264


Development Office

Designer: Alec Biddle

Phone: 07832 164 545



Good communication is important

Obviously, the clearer you can be in communicating your requirements the better this works for everybody. Sometimes you may be able to get this all into an email. On other occasions you may want to discuss it over the phone (especially if it’s just a bit of advice you’re after).

Email. Skype phone. Text message. Face to face. Through two cups joined on a piece of string. Maybe not that last one. My point is that whichever medium of communication you prefer to use will be just fine with us.


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